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Add a New Resource

We'd love to have you add new resources here at D20Critical.com!  Thank you for your interest.

Step 1, you must be a registered member of the site.  This allows you to "own" your resource, become a contact for questions, and make adjustments later.

There are different categories of resources, and each is added from a different form.  Don't worry, all the resources end up in the same mosh, this just saves you from having to look at irrelevant fields when entering the details.

  • Hosted Files - If you would like us to host your file here on our website, great!  use this form.
  • Hosted Articles - If your resource is just text, not a file, use this form.
  • Linked Files & Websites - If you already host your resource at another place, you can link the URL in this form.
  • Publications - If you have a published book or e-book distributed by amazon, paizo, or rpgNow, list it using this form.

Your resource will not be listed immediately, it will be sent for moderator approval.  When I get the resource I will check it out for relevancy and cross-categorize it.  I have ultimate approval/editing control (mwwwahahahaha!).  If your link is rejected you will receive an email.

Questions?  Feel free to ask here on the forum boards.